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Female Business Leadership

Award-winning enterprises highlight the vital contributions that women entrepreneurs are making to the nation's economy <本文摘自Taiwan Review 《台灣評論月刊》>

Wu, a former field application engineer with a master's degree in business administration, believes that confidence is essential in her industry. She says wedding planning is a profession that offers a unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to achieving that right feel for a couple's special day. “It's a delicate balancing act, as the ceremony can't feel too conventional or too over the top,” She notes.


The first wedding ceremony that Wu planned was her own, which was held in Taipei in May 2011 after more than a year of preparation. “It was arranged like a concert and featured more than 10 songs,” she recalls, adding that the ceremony included a track she and her husband had written together. Armed with this experience, Wu established Honey Bear House soon after her honeymoon. “Instead of arranging a regular wedding banquet where people eat and then leave, we use our professional skills to create a vibrant and memorable event,” Wu says. The company’s growing reputation has enabled it to form partnerships with major players in all aspects of the wedding industry, including the Ambassador Hotel Taipei. “Couples always have their own ideas for the style of the wedding, the kinds of decorations that should be used or what they want to wear during the ceremony,” Wu says, which are sometimes quite fanciful, to life.”

Honey Bear House is far from the only female-run business that has achieved success in recent years by meeting the increasingly sophisticated demands of modern consumers. 




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